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I am Martin, I am the owner of this website, and I have been working as an ISSA certified personal fitness trainer.

I have helped hundreds of clients incorporate a healthy exercise, fitness, and diet routine into their life to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

An approach many of my clients have been successful with in choosing a diet to help them lose weight has been with Diets like HCG Triumph. Mostly with medical guidelines from a doctor, as well as fitness recommendations from me.

The Purpose Of This Website

Because I have seen a high success rate of people using the HCG Diet to promote a weight loss? The purpose of this website is to inform, those who are interested, more about how the HCG diet works and how people can get started the most natural way.

In my experience as a trainer, I have found that using HCG droplets as an alternative to injections has been quite useful when done correctly.

It is my knowledge, research, and experiences working with people who wanted to lose weight using diets like the HCG, who are expressed in the articles you will find on OriginalHCGDiet.com


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