HCG Triumph Diet – Possibly The Most Powerful Weight Loss You Can Get

HCG Triumph Review

The HCG Triumph diet is the same as the original HCG diet plan. It is based on the same studies, research, and principles that Dr. Simeons, the father of HCG, created back in the fifties.

Back then, Dr. Simeon, discovered that obese and over-weighted people can lose weight by getting HCG injected daily.

The HCG Triumph diet is built on these principles. It makes it possible for dieters to lose up to 1 pound of body fat daily. That is if the HCG hormone is taken correctly and you are following the diet.

For those of you who have tried to lose weight countless times with no luck, the HCG Diet is a perfect choice. It delivers a new approach to losing weight. Here you will be using your stored fat as your main source of energy. It means you will be able to consume as little as 500 calories daily without feeling hungry.

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What is The HCG Triumph All About?

HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin and is a hormone that regulates the nutrition intake of unborn children in pregnant women. It means that the unborn child can develop and grow during pregnancy.

Researchers like Dr. Simeons made some exciting discoveries back in the fifties. They told us that HCG with the correct diet plan can do a lot more than to feed a child.

HCG can help the dieter burn body fat as the primary source of caloric fuel in a high amount. It is a fat burner making it possible to lose up to 1 pound of body fat daily. HCG function as a messenger telling your brain that your body should get its energy from your body fat.

Doing the HCG diet means that you can get by only consuming between 500 and 1000 calories daily. The intake of HCG will ensure that you will not feel hunger or get any food cravings during the day.

As a general rule people who are having a high intake of calories, like men above 220 lbs should stick to an intake of around 1000 calories.

Women who are eating less, should try and stick to the 500 calorie diet plan. At less to begin with.

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How to Lose Weight with The HCG Triumph Diet

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The HCG Diet is divided into three different phases all important for you to become successful with this diet.

These phases are the loading phase, the diet phases and the maintenance phase.

There are two different ways to do an HCG Diet, either by using injections or by using droplets.

The HCG Triumph Diet comes as droplets. They are much easier to handle and can be almost as effective as injections. You just need to take them correctly.

Take Your Droplets Three Times Daily

Three times you must take ten drops right under the tongue. Take them as long as you are planning to be on the HCG Diet.

It is important that you don’t just swallow the fluid right away. Just slowly make them absorb and sink in under your tongue until they are gone. It is good if you can make this process last for at least 30-seconds, to get the best effect.

HCG injections are still the most effective way to do an HCG diet because they are only bypassing the liver once. However, using the HCG droplets correctly you can get results that are very close to the injections. If you are a first or second-time user, you will hardly notice the difference.

The simplicity of using droplets makes them to the perfect solution if this is your first time.

Phase 1 – The Beginning

As we mention before there are three different phases in the HCG Diet. It is important that you don’t skip any of them.

The first phase is the loading phase and lasts for around 2 or 3 days. Here you must eat as much as possible of all your favorite foods. Make sure to get some good delicious meals and some desserts. It is going to take some time before you can have them again.

Remember, it is important that you go through with this phase. It will give your metabolism a significant boost preparing to digest all the food.

Higher metabolism is also important for being able to take up the HCG Triumph droplets in the hypothalamus. You must do that to be able to kick start your body to burn more fat as your main source of fuel.

Remember to stay hydrated during this period. Even if you feel full and satisfied, it is very important to get plenty of fluids.

Phase 2 – The HCG Diet Itself

Jessica's HCG Triumph weight loss diet

After the first couple of days, the HCG droplets will start to become active. Now it is time to cut down on your calorie intake and get into the diet itself.

In the beginning, try to decide if you want to go for the 500 or 1000 calories diet plan. Just so you have a starting point.

500 or 1000 Calories Daily?

If you have been consuming a high amount of calories, like 4000 or 5000 calories daily? You are best off doing the 1000 calorie HCG diet. If you are lower and around the recommended 2000 daily calories, go for the 500 calorie diet.

If you have a feeling at the beginning of your diet that it will be hard to stick to the 500 calories? Then stick to the 1000 calorie diet.

Remember, If you order the HCG Triumph Diet plan, you will get everything you need to get started. Besides the droplets, you will also receive a diet plan of what you can eat.

If you are concerned about the diets and whether if you are going to like the food or not? There will other alternatives available! You are not going hungry to bed.

No Carbs

By all means, avoid sugar, starches, and other energetic carbohydrates in this period. Usually, it will not be a problem because you get your calories covered from your body fat.

Because you are hardly eating anything, your body is going through a cleansing process. You will be able to get rid of toxins, and free radicals that are harming your body. The HCG diet is a great way to optimize your body, digestive system, and your colon.

Overall it means the HCG Triumph diet can help you to avoid serious diseases and illnesses. On top of that, getting rid of toxins will improve your metabolism when you have finished your diet.

Phase Two For How Long?

The recommended minimum period of doing the HCG Triumph diet is three weeks. But if you are not happy with your results, you can do it for 45 days. After that, it is recommended to take a couple of weeks off before doing a new HCG cycle.

Again, a lot of fluids to stay hydrated is important during this phase.

Phase 3 – The Final and Maintenance

With most diets out there, there is really no plan of what to do when you have finished your diet. With no further directions on what to do, it is so easy for you as a dieter to fall back into old eating habits. It means you will start gaining weight again and all will be wasted.

A significant advantage of doing the HCG Triumph Diet is that there is a follow-up plan.  It will be easy to follow and help you avoid gaining weight again.

When You Have Finished Phase 2

When you have reached your weight loss goal in phase 2, it is important not just stop doing the diet. The HCG will stay active for a few more days and it is better for you to gradually increase your calorie intake. Remember, as a bonus you can still lose a little extra weight.

Go slowly, increase your calorie intake gradually until you reach a calorie intake of 2000. HCG Triumph will give you recommendations on how to do this correctly.

Now It Is About Monitoring Your Weight

Once or twice a week, jump on the scale to check your weight. Make a set point of 2 lbs above your desired weight. If you are above that number, stick to a steak diet for one or two days. Usually, it will be enough to get your weight down again.

You can have some fish or chicken if you are not that happy about steaks. However, it is important to get the carbs and stick to fat and protein.

You Metabolism Will Be Reset

Now it is all about enjoying your new lifestyle. Remember, to be careful about the carbohydrates and don’t get too many of them. Be careful with bread, and sugars, also the hidden ones.

Now, at this point, your metabolism will be reset. It means you can have a fresh start on your diet and incorporate healthy eating patterns, thanks to the HCG Triumph.

Why Chose The HCG Triumph As Your Preferred Weight Loss Diet?

With HCG Triumph diet plan nothing will be left to coincidences. You will get complete guidance on how to do this. They will help you with what to eat and how to do your HCG Diet.

Using the HCG Triumph you will have access to customer support that will help you out if you have any questions.

The makers of HCG Triumph is a respected American company that you can trust. They promise you that their HCG drops are real and genuine.

Remember you can get your HCG Triumph diet package in different sizes that will suit your needs.

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How to buy HCG Triumph

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On top of that, the Keto diet is also a great way of losing weight. A supplement like Keto Fuel is a great way to get started doing the keto diet. It will add some important ingredients that will make your keto diet more effective.

Another option to consider if you are more into traditional dieting is to use a supplement like PhenQ. It gives you a lot of ingredients that will help you lose weight in different ways.

First, it will suppress your appetite. Next it will raise your energy levels, and finally, it will make your body burn more fat.







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