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by martingr on June 21, 2013

Official and Original HCG DietThe Original HCG diet is the same as the Official HCG Diet Plan and is build and created on the studies and research Dr. Simeons did back in the fifties where he discovered that obese and over-weighted people could lose weight using the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin in their weight loss diet.

The Original and Official HCG Diet Plan is build on these principles that makes it possible for dieters to lose up to 1 pound of body fat on a daily basis, if the HCG diet plan and HCG in either injections or drops are taken correctly.

This makes the Official HCG Diet to the perfect choice for those who have been trying to lose weight for quite some time using all sorts of weight loss diets but without getting the desired results.

The makers of the Official HCG Diet Plan and Droplets is a respected American company that can be trusted and that will offer you full human support while you are on the diet, there are ready to help you with all aspects of the diet and with weight loss in general.

The HCG Droplets are made in a 00% pharmaceutical graded facility registered by the FDA and located in the United States.

The Official HCG also comes with a 90 day money back guarantee in case you are not happy with the product.

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What is The Official HCG Diet All About?

HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin and is a hormone that regulates the nutrition intake of unborn children in pregnant women, so the child can develop and grow during pregnancy.

Researchers like Dr. Simeons made some interesting discoveries back in the fifties saying that HCG together with the correct diet plan could do much more that just help to ensure that an unborn child would get an sufficient amount of nutrition.

HCG simply have the ability to help the dieter burn body fat as the primary source of caloric fuel in a high amount that can cause a significant weight loss of up to 1 pound of body fat per day. The HCG hormone will signal to the brain that the calories needed should be taken from the body and not from the food that is being eaten during the day.

This means that a dieter can get a long with a diet of only 500 calories or 1000 calories per day without feeling to much hunger and without getting any cravings for food, because the body is all ready satisfied because it is getting the needed calories from the body fat.

If you decide to use the Official HCG Diet you will get both the 500 calorie and 1000 calorie diet, and then you decide which one to use.

However for people having a high intake of calories, much higher than needed should probably stick with the 1000 calorie diet in their weight loss cycle, and people that are closer to the recommended 2000 calories a day, should opt in for the 500 calorie diet.

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How to Lose Weight with The Official HCG Diet

The HCG Diet is divided into 3 different phases that all are important in order for you to become successful with this diet.

These phases are the loading phase, the diet phases and the maintenance phase.

There are two different ways to do a HCG Diet, either by using injections or by using droplets. The Official HCG Diet comes as droplets because they are much easier to handle and almost as effective as injection if they are taken the right way.

3 times a day the dieter need to take 10 drops right under the tongue in a period of minimum 3.5 week, depending on the lenght of the HCG Diet you are doing. Remember not to swallow the drops right away, but let them absorb and sink under your tongue in a natural way until they are gone, or at least for 30 seconds. This is the far most effective way to take the droplets and it is important because if you just swallow the droplets you are not getting the desired effect.

Injections are still the most effective way to do a HCG diet because they are only bypassing the liver one time and not 2, but if you administer the droplets the recommended way you can almost get the same results and if you are are first or second time user you will hardly now the difference.

Phase 1 – The Beginning

As we mention before there are 3 different phases in the HCG Diet and you should not skip one of them.

The first phase is the loading phase and last for around 2 or 3 days and here it is a question about eating as much as possible of all your favorite foods, including desserts, ice creams and what ever you might like.

It is very important not to stop this eating because it will give your metabolism a boost because your body want to burn of that excessive amount of food.

The elevated metabolism is very important in order to make the Official HCG Droplets being taken up into your hypothalamus effectively to it can kick start your body to start burning of more body fat, than you have ever done before.

Even if you feel full and satisfied in this period, it is rather important to make sure that you will get an sufficient amount of fluids and stay hydrated.

Phase 2 – The HCG Diet Itself

After the first couple of days the HCG droplets will start to become active and it is time to cut down on your calorie intake.

It is recommended that before you begin you decide either if you are going to do the 500 or the 1000 calorie diet, so all the dieting is setup and ready when you start.

Remember people that has been taking in a high amount of calories, typical 4000 or 5000 calories daily should do the 1000 calorie diet, and people that are closer to the recommended daily intake of 2000 calories should go for the 500 calorie diet.

However if you know all ready from the beginning that you are not going to make the 500 calorie, then you will be much better of doing the 1000 calorie diet.

If you order the Official HCG Diet plan, you will get everything you need in the package you will receive, including the droplets, diets and extras to keep the motivation high.

If you are concerned about the diets and whether if you are going to like the food or not, there is normally no need for worries, because there will be plenty of alternatives available, so you are not going hungry to bed.

By all means, avoid sugar, starches and other energetic carbohydrates in this period, but normally it will not become a problem because your body will get all the fuel it needs from your body fat because of the HCG.

A huge benefit with this type of diet, is because you are hardly eating anything, not toxins or free radicals will be entering your body and do harm in your digestive system and colon. This means that you will cleanse your body off from toxins that long term could harm you and your body and put you in the risk of getting life threatening diseases and obesity.

The recommended minimum period of doing the Original HCG Diet is 3 weeks, but you can go up to as much as 45 days if you have not reached your desired weight loss goal.

After 45 days it is a good idea to take a break and then consider doing the diet again after a couple of weeks. The rest is important for your body and metabolism.

One more time remember to get plenty of water during this period.

HCG Diet Weight Loss

Phase 3 – The Final and Maintenance

often when people are doing a regular diet, there is really no plan for what to do after the diet and with no directions on what to do, makes it so easy for dieters to fall right back in, start eating unhealthy and gain all the weight back again.

A major advantage doing the Official HCG Diet is that there is a plan and easy to follow, on what do to in order to avoid gaining all the weight back again.

When you are finish with the diet and have reach your weight loss goal it is important to remember no to stop doing the diet from one day to the other because the HCG will stay active for around 4 more days where you still can lose a little bit of weight.

We recommend you to slowly increase your calorie intake to what is recommend for you, normally around 2000 calories daily, also so your body can get use the increased amount of foods again.

Now everything is about monitoring your weight once a week and make sure you are eating healthy with only the amount of carbohydrates that you need, and preferable no sugars, because they are calorie bombs.

At this point right after the diet phase, your metabolism will be reset so your body is able to burn more calories than before you did the diet, this goes especially for those who are obese or over weighted.

When you are monitoring your weight a good idea to setup a set point of 2 two pounds, which means if you weight increases more than 2 pounds from your desired weight, you do a steak diet for a day or two, this will make your weight go down again to your desired level.

Alternatively you can do a chicken or a fish diet, but remember your intake should only be protein.

Remember really to eat healthy and do the necessary changes of life style because no matter what diet you are doing, taking in a higher amount of calories than needed will always make you gain weight, so monitoring is a very important tool with the Official HCG Diet.

Why Chose The Official Diet as Your Preferred Weight Loss Diet?

The major benefit doing the Official HCG Diet is nothing is left to yourself. You will get a complete guidance in what to do, how to eat and how to take the droplets.

A staff of real people will be available as support and ready to help you with whatever issue you might have doing the HCG Diet and with weight loss in general.

The Package you will get, is much more than just a set of droplets and a direction on how to take them, because you will get manuals, recipes and diet plans and all the information you may need in order to become a successful HCG weight loss dieter.

A great advantage is that the Official HCG Diet and Droplets packages comes in different sizes of either 15, 21,45 or up to 90 days of droplets and diet plans so it is up to you how many days you need however it is always a good idea to order for a couple of days more then you think you need, so there is a little room for mistakes.

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